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Online Cricket Betting

Cricket has today become the second most popular game globally and is mushrooming as a pastime among the Indian community. Thanks to the growth of technology, widespread use of the internet and affordable smartphones and tablets, you can enjoy online cricket betting in the comfort of your home. You can also find the best cricket odds in the casino of your choice.

Cricket betting is a game of skill and needs discipline, alertness in identifying the betting odds, management of betting money and knowledge of the game and players. There is a large pool of online cricket tournaments that you can choose to wager on. These tournaments are categorised into international and domestic cricket. Note, there are three accepted cricket formats which include Twenty20 Internationals, Test Matches and One-Day Internationals.

cricket betting

Different Cricket Markets

Online cricket betting has a variety of markets

which you can, hopefully, earn profits from. These include the Match Outcome/Series Winner, Leading Runscorer/Wicket Taker, Highest Opening Partnership, Man of the Match and Number of Boundaries. You can also bet on the most likely winner, which is the Match Outcome. This option gives you two feasible outcomes with either side winning.

Another market choice with exciting cricket odds is the Leading Run-scorer in the match. Alternatively, you could wager on the Top Batsman. These kind of bets are placed on which player you think will score the most throughout the entire competition, including round robin matches, eliminators, qualifiers and the final game. It’s great fun predicting!

cricket betting

Cricket Betting Explained

There are numerous ways which you can bet on cricket within the long list of cricket betting markets. These give you a chance to explore a number of betting and odds options from one-day internationals to test ticket or the Twenty20 format. Many bookmakers have ensured that they provide all the available markets for you with the best cricket betting odds that you can desire as a bettor.

We all know the betting quote,” You should never bet what you cannot afford to lose”. The same applies to online cricket betting. Although it’s a game of knowledge and skill, luck plays a big part too. Firstly, you have to understand the odds and probabilities for you to be a successful long-term online cricket bettor.

Cricket Betting Strategies

Online Cricket betting strategies are the answer to discovering success, along with understanding the betting options and odds. Note that there are numerous ways for analysing and approaching any cricket match, regardless of the betting cricket format. These strategies can include researching playing conditions, the ground history and the team and player form.

Cricket is a sport which is majorly affected by playing conditions such as the weather on the day. If you are a keen online cricket gambler, then you know it is vital to check the weather forecast to determine the likely cricket match duration. The less cricket played due to bad weather, the lower the draw results will be. On top of this you should learn odds shopping and find a few really good cricket betting websites to conduct your betting on. 

Free Bets & Promotions

Just like any other online game, Cricket betting has available free bets and promotional offers for its fans. You might be awarded a price boost during the hours leading up to a match. This gives you enhanced odds which are above the market median and you can use this to back up your favourite in the individual leading run-scorer market. If you search around, you can also find many welcome offers and cash back specials.

cricket betting

Cricket Betting Summary

Despite there being many online cricket betting tipsters making predictions, finding profitable betting tips is still hard. You really can’t determine between the real and fake tipsters as most of them are unlicensed. However, you can just trust your own knowledge, research and instincts. If you are a frequent player and have mastered the cricket game, then you can win on your own.

Cricket betting is an easy, enjoyable and fun pastime. You can even wager on the Ashes live series, a match between Australia and England. This is a five-match test that is hosted by every nation every four years. It is an exciting series with some of the best cricket odds among the test match series. Once you are ready, then live in-game betting is a thrill to remember.

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