Cricket Players

The popularity of cricket has grown exponentially over the last few decades and the game is now revered in many countries around the world. Cricket players are now superstars and those who bet on the game keep up-to-date with cricket players rankings. Cricket betting has become a popular pastime in many countries and so staying up do date on stats is now a crucial element of the game.

Cricket players feature in many different leagues. They can be known both internationally and locally. Some cricketers are very adaptable and play all formats of the game. They may rank highly in T20 leagues but lower in the Test matches. That’s why if you are interested in betting on the game it’s very important that you know current cricket players rankings.

Cricket players rankings can be affected by a variety of circumstances. A player could be affected by injury or could be left out of a squad because of poor performance. Each game affects a player’s statistics and depending on the format they can move up or down in points. Therefore it’s important to understand a player’s role in the team and how well they perform in each game.

Players also fall into different categories. A player can be a batsman, bowler or both. He or she can also be a wicket keeper batsman. Each section will have its own ranking system depending on players’ past performances. Player’s individual scores can help you better understand the team.

Cricket betting is fun but requires some knowledge of the game and its players. For example, if you follow a team and notice that their star batsman or bowler has dropped in the rankings then you might want to bet cautiously. Try analysing the player rankings on both teams.

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Famous Cricket Players

The game of cricket has certainly become more appealing with the advent of T20 cricket leagues. These leagues have popped up around the world and often showcase massively talented cricketers. However, all formats of the game including ODIs and Test Cricket have produced world renowned players.

Fans of the game would know the names of many famous cricketers who helped to build the sport into what it is today. Many of these names are known globally like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Steve Waugh and Sir Ian Botham. In recent times younger talents like Virat Kohli have kept fans glued to the game as they fill stadiums with excitement.

Cricket players statistics is really what make players great though. Even though a cricketer may be flashy and exciting when he is judged it will be according to his average and statistics. He or she may be remembered as a brilliant stroke hitter or wicket taking bowler but if his or statistics show inconsistency then that person will not be remembered as a great cricketer.

Sachin Tendulkar One Of The Best Cricket Players

Cricket players usually set themselves milestones that they aim for to measure their progress in the game. For newer players this usually means modelling one of the legendary cricketers. For many batsmen the person that they admire is one that many called the greatest to ever play the game, Sachin Tendulkar.

It’s very easy to see why they would choose this great batsman. He is still considered the best batsman to have ever played cricket. His statistics are quite incredible. For example he has the highest amount of international runs ever scored in the history of cricket. In addition to that he scored an astounding one hundred international centuries when he played cricket.

When it comes to statistics he has truly remarkable figures and is certainly one of the best cricket players ever. He is the first batsman to score a double century in a One Day International and remains the only player to amass more than 30,000 runs in international cricket.

Rahul Dravid One Of The Best Cricket Players

Another prolific batsman and captain that many young cricketers aspire to be like is Rahul Dravid. During his tenure on the Indian cricket team he amassed 25, 000 international runs which is no easy feat. His tact and guile as a captain has been recognised by the BCCI and he’s the current Director of Cricket Operations at National Cricket Academy.

Rahul Dravid is revered as one of the greatest batsman in the history of the game. In India he’s known as Mr. Dependable, because of the long hours that he put in on the pitch. Cricket lovers also refer to him as The Great Wall because of his tenacity in the wicket.

Dravid began his career at just 12-years-old and worked his way up until he debuted on the senior team. He was once named Player of the Year for his contribution to the Indian team. He is the fourth-highest run scorer in Test cricket. And he has faced the most amount of balls in test cricket at an impressive 31258 balls.

To get a better idea of how much time he spent out in the middle that translates into 44,152 minutes of batting time. Dravid retired from all international cricket in 2012 and has since received India’s third and fourth highest national award. These awards are called the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan award. He remains one of the most technically sound batsmen to ever grace the game.

Sunil Gavaskar Another Of The Game’s Best Cricket Players

Cricket players who genuinely love the game are always aware of the greats that came before them who helped mold cricket into the exciting game that it is now. One such player, Sunil Gavaskar, is an inspirational opening Test batsman. He played for India in the 1970’s and 1980s.

Before Sachin Tendulkar he held the record for the most International centuries and runs. His 34 Test centuries was the world record for the most runs for two decades. He also holds the impressive record of being the first batsman to score centuries in both innings of a Test match three times. His tenure is remembered most for how he handled pace attacks.

Gavaskar was the first batsman to amass 10,000 runs and now stands at number 12 on the list of players who have scored more than 10,000 runs in Test cricket. For his efforts he was inducted into the ICC’s Cricket Hall of Fame.

Mahela Jayawardene Another Of The Game’s Best Cricket Players

Mahela Jayawardene emerged on the cricket scene in 1997 and almost immediately made his mark in the game. He represented Sri Lanka and has scored the most amount of runs for them in Test cricket at 374. That innings is still regarded as one of the best played by his country. He is the first Sri Lankan cricketer to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Here are some must know cricket stats:

  • Sachin Tendulkar is still the only player to amass 30,000 runs in International cricket in a career that spanned 24 years. He’s scored 51 centuries and 68 half centuries.
  • Sachin Tendulkar has the highest amount of international runs ever scored in the history of Test cricket at 15, 291. He was the first batsman to score a double century in an ODI game.
  • Tendulkar scored one hundred international centuries when he played cricket. The most by any batsman in the game. A record he still holds.
  • Rahul Dravid holds the record for the most balls faced by a cricketer in Test cricket. He has faced 31,258 balls and spent 44,152 minutes at the crease.
  • Mahela Jayawardene is one of the elite batsmen to score over 10,000 runs. His 374 for Sri Lanka against South Africa remains that country’s highest individual Test score by a batsman.

As with many sports, cricket is a game where knowledge and expertise are passed on to each generation. Almost every young and sensational cricketer when asked about their game will say that they modelled it off one of the greats. There are not many like the ones mentioned in this article. They are truly legendary batsmen.