IPL Betting Game Guide

Introduction To IPL Betting

IPL Betting is an Indian-origin betting event that began in 2008 and has quickly escalated to be the world’s most popular cricket Twenty20. Although ICC World Cup and Test Cricket still hold their prominent positions in the cricket betting events, IPL betting games have found favour among cricket betting lovers. Millions if not billions go into betting on the IPL. So, if you want to be among those lucky winners then it’s about time you had a good IPL Betting strategy. Be sure to get this and more exciting news about IPL betting on our tutorial.

How To Play IPL Betting

In this IPL Betting tutorial, you will get the insights you need to make your first IPL bet a success. But before we give you a full guide on how to bet on IPL, here are the need-to-knows you must have beforehand. Some of the crucial considerations include the online site you are betting on, the cricket markets available on the site, and how favourable the bonuses and promotions are. Also, since the betting success on IPL is heavily dependent on skills, you need to know the IPL betting strategy you want to use to increase your chances of winning.

So, how do you start your IPL betting journey? The first step is to find a suitable IPL betting site. Betting sites have their pros and cons, and one thing you should know is that they come with different IPL betting odds. Playing IPL betting online comes with special bonuses and promotions that make your betting worthwhile. Also, if you like, you can place multiple IPL betting bets on different matches which increases your odds and consequently your payout. Whatever betting site you decide to settle on, make sure you play safely, have the best betting options, a wide range of suitable IPL matches and excellent markets.

Once you have your best IPL betting site, the next thing is to create an account. Follow the instructions provided by the site to sign up and then make your first deposit or claim your welcome bonus. Once you are ready to place your bet, find the IPL under available cricket markets and select the match you want to bet on. Here, you have an option of either placing a single bet, multiple bet, or even an accumulator bet, depending on your preference. All your active bets will be displayed on your betting slip and all that’s left is for you to wait on the outcome.

  • Find your best IPL betting site.
  • Create an IPL betting account and make your deposit.
  • Assess the available cricket markets and find the match you want to bet on.
  • You can place either a single bet, multiple bet, or an accumulator bet.

IPL Betting Rules

Like many other cricket leagues, playing with IPL betting online has specific rules and unique restrictions. Every match has exact IPL betting odds for each team that shows the likelihood of the team’s outcome. You are supposed to place your IPL bets on one of the competing teams, and if the team wins, your bet stake is multiplied by the team’s odds. This amount is then credited to your account. But in case the team loses the game, you lose your stake to the bookmarker. Sometimes games are delayed or postponed. In such cases; and if you had placed a bet on one of the teams, your bet remains active for 48 hours. But if the 48 hours collapse before the match resumes, your bet becomes invalid, and your bet stake is credited back to your account. Sometimes matches are declared “no result” due to one reason or the other. When this happens, your bet also becomes invalid and so, your account gets refunded the bet stake.

IPL Betting Strategies

A carefully thought-out plan is very important to go with to a betting site. To help you out, we have compiled several points in this IPL Betting tutorial worth factoring in when using your IPL Betting strategy. Since IPL betting games are easily affected by weather, you must observe and analyze the weather before you place your bet. During a rainy match day or extremely sunny day, players have a hard time monitoring the ball and the game might end up with different results as you might have expected.

Because IPL betting sites provide players with a vast array of betting markets, it is good to use this in your favour. By placing a multi-bet you increase your odds of winning, but be careful not to be over-ambitious. Moreover, it is important that you concentrate on looking for value in your bets so that your bet’s risk doesn’t outweigh the potential profits. Another very effective strategy is analysing the venue very well. It might not seem so important, but trust us, it has very significant impacts on your bet. You should bear in mind that certain teams will struggle when playing on particular fields, especially if they’ve had a nasty past experience on the same field.

  • Observe and analyse the weather well before betting.
  • Explore different markets as it has impacts on both odds and bet value.
  • Concentrate on looking for value in your bets to maximise your bet’s potential profits.

Different Types of IPL Betting

When betting on the IPL, there are many bet options to choose from and we shall check out a few of them. The most common IPL betting option is the ‘Moneyline’ odds which requires you to predict the correct team that is likely to win the match. In these odds, a symbol is shown in front of the number to display the favoUrite and underdog team. In ‘Match Handicap’ betting, things are a little bit more interesting compared to spread betting. Contrary to other IPL betting types where the spread emerges before the game begins, the setting of the handicap is done after the first team bats and finishes its innings. ‘Future’ betting concentrates on which teams win the overall tournament rather than today’s match. You don’t have to worry much about it because it takes a whole season to come up with the winner. However, since there’s a possibility of changes in odds, it is worth making a follow-up and keeping an eye on.

Tips and tricks for IPL Betting beginners:

In IPL betting what matters is how you can utilise the available tricks to your advantage. First, ensure you observe the weather to make a more accurate bet. Also, the game format matters a big deal, and these formats include ODI, Test, and T20 Ticket. The most recommended league for beginners is Test cricket because of its likelihood of building big scores. You would rather explore several different markets as this is likely to change your bet value than sticking to a single market. Of importance to note, is to take advantage of live streaming and watch as the match event unfolds. In addition, once you create an account as a beginner, you are offered a welcome bonus. Claim and use this bonus to place your first bet instead of using real money.

Glossary Of Terms in the Game

  • Bet slip- Refers to the list of your betting options.
  • Betting market – The betting categories or individual bets.
  • Betting odds – Refers to the implied probability of an outcome as predicted by the bookmarker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Bet on IPL?

The first thing to do while betting on IPL is to select the best IPL betting site, after which you create an account. Once your account is ready, find the IPL under available betting markets, then select the match of your choice. You can claim the welcome bonus and use it to bet, or you can make a deposit and place your bet.

Can I win big money betting on IPL?

Yes! It is possible to win huge amounts of money in IPL betting. It only depends on how smart you can apply the strategies and tricks available. Once you make a wager and it turns out you’ve won the bet, the money is credited to your account. However, if you want long-term success, it would be better to follow bankroll management strategies.

How can I withdraw money from my IPL account?

Once you win an IPL Betting game and you are ready to withdraw your money, simply log into your sportsbook account and click on the ‘Payment’ section. Choose the withdrawal method you desire and have your IPL Betting wins transferred to your account within seconds, if not minutes. Make sure to check the T&Cs of each method.

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